Assignment Instructions

Please read the following instructions before proceeding on to any new assignment:

1. New Assignments will be posted to the blog under categories every week. The rate of the assignment, including the time and other instructions will be posted with the assignment.

2. All users must read the Writing Format and abide by the instruction provided in there for their assignments to be accepted.

3. Users can choose from any writing job available as long as it has not been claimed by any other writer.

4. When a writer claims an assignment he/she must put a comment under the assignment stating that they have claimed the assignment so other users are notified that the assignment has been taken. The assignments will be tagged under the following categories according to their status:

– Open (assignments under this status are open to any writer to claim it)

– Claimed (these are assignments that have already been claimed by other writers)

– Completed  (these are assignments that have been completed and not open to any writers)

Note: Each writer can only claim one assignment at a time. Once the writer has completed and submitted the claimed assignment only then can they take on other assignments.

5. Each assignment must be completed on time. Any delays will result in the assignment being taken away and mailed to another user. Please note that each writing job is strictly limited in time so no exceptions are made in this regard. Please only take assignments that you are sure you can complete on time without delay.

6. After the assignment has been completed, the writers should Submit an Assignment by simply e-mailing it to the admin at An e-mail will then be sent by the admin to the writer stating that their assignment is under review. If the article lacks any part of the assignment, the admin might ask the writer to make the necessary changes. The writer should keep these e-mails as a record towards the completion of the assignment.

7. Pay periods will be determined by the admin and writers will be paid by the end of each pay period on the final calculated amount of the number of assignments completed by the writer. The writers will be paid through our representative in Pakistan, Farakh Jamil who will hand them their calculated pays at the end of each pay period.

8. Each assignment will be evaluated on a number of factors like grammar, sentence structure, research and information, and other important factors. Writers will be given bonuses for exceptional writing jobs that have been thoroughly researched and written in a concise and easy to read manner.

9. All assignments and articles should be free of any plagiarism. All articles should be your own work. Any copied work will not be accepted.

10. Please remember that we value our writers greatly and we want them to succeed just as much as we want our company to grow. The more work you do with us the better chances you have of earning more money. It is for this reason that we have made it a condition that each writer must take at least 3 articles each week.

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